EMC allows you to control te ship with the tip of your fingers!

Electronic Motor Control

EMC is an advanced motor control system that stands out in terms of quality, image and ease of use. EMC literally puts the motorization of your vessel at your fingertips.

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Electronic Motor Control

The propulsion of your vessel at your fingertips

EMC is a state of the art, avant-garde motor control system that stands out in terms of quality, appearance and ease of use. EMC literally puts the propulsion of your vessel at your fingertips. The irritating transfer of noise through the cables or worse, the breaking of these traditional ‘push-pull cables’ is finally a thing of the past.


Ease of use

EMC is easy to install, so easy in fact that it is even possible to do-it-yourself. The basic configuration can generally be installed on virtually all types of marine engine. EMC is a unique, versatile and user friendly system that’s easy and pleasant to use and puts you in total control of your engines and transmissions. Available for dual or single engine use



The unique and distinctive characteristics of Hydronautica’s EMC system is that our throttles aren’t just plain potentiometers that control the forward/aft motion and the engine RPMs of the vessel. Our system is based on our own solid state sextant switches®. This differentiates our system for any other system currently available.

Potentiometers are simple electro-mechanical household rheostats that are unfit to be uses in a marine environment. Hydronautica has developed its own solid state, contact sextant switches®, a totally unique device. ‘Solid state’ means that ‘wear and tear’ virtually eliminated! The concept is avant-garde and unique and currently other system uses this technology. (Patent pending)

Our casings were designed to be compliant with the IP65 insulation standard. To corner a phrase, completely waterproof!

The EMC, like all the other electronic systems on board of your vessel, depends on the ship’s electric power supply system. However, to increase the system’s reliability, we have incorporated a standard feature that automatically selects power from the domestic and/or the engine starter batteries. We have included this innovative additional feature as a standard. Your safety is paramount to us.



We ensure that our system is superior or at least on par with any other system available in your vessel. Therefore we only use the highest quality materials available that are unaffected by adverse atmospheric conditions. We are certain that our design will comply with the most demanding and exacting standards and comply with all CE directives.

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RMC bevalt prima!

Robbert, Flor Yachting

Sinds januari 2011 ben ik in het bezit van het RMC voor mijn jacht. Tot op heden heb ik geen enkel probleem ondervonden. De service was vanaf dag 1 prima, snelle installatie en een zeer mooi product. Ik kan het iedereen aanbevelen.

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