EMC allows you to control te ship with the tip of your fingers!

Electronic Motor Control

EMC is an advanced motor control system that stands out in terms of quality, image and ease of use. EMC literally puts the motorization of your vessel at your fingertips.

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About us


Hydronautica was established as a subsidiary of Hydrospex Cylap BV, the designer and manufacturer of a wide range of products used in the heavy transport industry. In 2004, a decision was made to incorporate all the products for the nautical market into a separate company, namely Hydronautica BV.

As in the past, however, all Hydronautica products are still being designed and manufactured in Hengelo. This enables Hydronautica to make optimal use of the multifaceted expertise available in Hydrospex. Both Hydronautica and Hydrospex operate under the auspices of holding company Shining Star Group BV. All the subsidiaries of the group distinguish themselves in their markets through innovation in the ields of mechanical, electronic and hydraulic engineering and always embrace the challenge of innovative change. For example, Hydrospex received worldwide recognition for its indispensible contribution to projects such as the lifting of the Millennium Wheel in London and the salvaging of the Russian nuclear submarine, Kursk.


Hydronautica’s operational focus is on the development and production of electronic control and operating devices for the propulsion systems of professional and recreational maritime products. “The knowledge and experience available in Hydrospex and our passion for shipping forms the basis of our inspiration to develop a number of highly advanced maritime control systems that enable electronic operation and wireless positioning and mooring.

Because of the big conceptual step between manual operation and entrusting the operation of your ship to a wireless box, the company’s competitors in the market initially regarded its products with a certain degree of suspicion.”

We started our innovation process with past products such as EMC and RMC, which stand for Electronic Motor Control and Remote Motor Control respectively; however, we also developed the following new products in 2008.

The ‘EZY’ products, which, as the name suggests, stand for ‘convenience’ on board. EZY-Dock is a system that consolidates your motor control, bow and stern thrusters into a simple joystick. EZY-Pilot is an automatic pilot that can be operated with a handheld wireless remote control unit; in other words, it is possible to steer the vessel remotely by wireless control from anywhere on deck. The biggest innovation is however EZY-Positioning, a system that enables the operator to keep the vessel on course with GPS and Compass with a single press of a button. This system is particularly useful when preparing fenders and mooring lines when approaching port.

All our products are designed to further increase your sailing comfort!

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