EMC allows you to control te ship with the tip of your fingers!


Hydronautica’s operational focus is on the development and production of electronic control and operating devices for the propulsion systems of professional and recreational maritime products.

New Website online!

Geplaatste op Wednesday 7 March 2012

(Engels) Onze nieuwe website is zojuist live gegaan! We hebben gekozen voor een strak en modern design, welke strak aansluit bij de producten die Hydronautica ontwikkeld.

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Electronic Motor Control

EMC is an advanced motor control system that stands out in terms of quality, image and ease of use. EMC literally puts the motorization of your vessel at your fingertips.

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Remote Motor Control (RMC)

The RMC system, which stands for Remote Motor Control enables you to manoeuvre your vessel safely and accurately from anywhere on board…

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